URGENT: The city shelter is full, and we need your help to make more room for at-risk cats and dogs!
Photo by: Allison Homer

Alley Cagnazzi

Cat Resource Manager

At PAWS since:
Pets at home:

I have 3 silly cats with 3 very different purrsonalities! Penny is a "breathtakingly beautiful" (her words, not mine) calico and my very first cat! Then there's Rigby, my mischievous boy cat who I lured into my home back in Brooklyn many moons ago. He enjoys slapping his sisters and screaming in my face. And finally, there's Bee (aka Beef), who I trapped for TNR behind a gas station in Philly. Unfortunately she had an embedded collar and she had to have her front right leg amputated, so she wasn't able to be released back outside. She is my one and only foster fail and the grumpiest and cuddliest cat of the bunch. Plus, she's a tripod, so obviously she's perfect.

The most rewarding thing about my job:

The opportunity to assist and support cat caretakers' and their kitties, whether that's through TNR, access to affordable medical care, providing essential resources, or otherwise. Being able to see the direct positive impact of the services and resources we can provide is especially rewarding.

When I’m not at work, I’m probably:

Hangin' on my couch with my fiancé and a cat or two or three, rewatching a tv show we've already seen 20 times.