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Sarah and Polly: a match made in the stars

Pets have a way of finding us exactly when we most need them. For adopter Sarah, a professional witch, medium, and tarot reader, her meeting with Polly was nothing short of magical!

“I adopted Polly a little over nine years ago from PAWS and it felt truly cosmic that we found each other,” shares Sarah, “I was battling a rather difficult season in my life and Polly had been sitting in the shelter for six months. I think we connected when we both needed to find each other. In that time, my life has completely changed, including a magical career that has soared beyond my wildest dreams! Polly has been there every step of the way, through the challenges and the blessings.”

Polly’s presence extends beyond mere companionship. She’s been a constant source of joy and laughter, a grounding presence during difficult days, and even plays an active role in Sarah’s work! “She assists with spells, pops up during my readings, and sits in my lap while I write, even closing my laptop when she feels that I’ve done enough and it’s time for a break.”

Polly also has a way of working her magic on everyone she meets. “She crashes interviews too; she manages to always charm journalists and get her own feature within mine! She’s been a muse to writers who have included her in their books and countless artists who have drawn and painted her.”

Named after punk rock legend Poly Styrene, Polly lives up to her namesake’s commanding presence. “She’s truly a star! Everyone falls in love with her and becomes obsessed! She’s the real sorceress here, but I always say you know I’m a REAL witch because of my black cat.”

“Animals are magic,” says Sarah, “they care for us as much as we care for them, and I am SO thankful for PAWS and the incredible work they do to help so many animals and humans connect and heal.”

Sarah and Polly’s story is a testament to the extraordinary bond between humans and animals and the transformative power of love and companionship. Our biggest thanks go out to Sarah and every other adopter who’s welcomed a pet into their home and heart!