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Celebrating Miss Honey

If ever there was a dog as sweet as her name, it was Miss Honey. From the first day she was rescued last June, this kind soul touched the heart of every person she met — especially the incredible foster family who took her in. After being diagnosed with kidney disease, Miss Honey enjoyed nearly a year of incredible love and care in her foster home before we helped her cross the rainbow bridge. During that time, Miss Honey’s foster family went above and beyond to give her the best possible life. In turn, she gave back tenfold:

“Miss Honey never met anyone she considered a stranger — only new best friends,” share fosters Maggie and Liz, “She really was an incredible dog and we feel so lucky to have had her in our lives. She was our first foster ever, and I don’t think we could have asked for a better match. She was keenly aware of her humans and was quick to give you extra love and comfort on the days when you needed it most. She loved being outside, exploring new places, she learned to play and love toys and she was so happy to snuggle up with you, as close as she possibly could. She made you feel so loved.”

“We really went through it all with her and it was so fun to see her develop her silly personality more, learn to love fruits and veggies and to learn a bunch of new tricks! She became part of our world and was known by all of our friends, family and neighbors. We were lucky to spend every season with her, multiple holidays and even vacations.”

“Knowing that her health was declining due to her kidney disease, we even decided to celebrate her birthday on April 2nd at Pet Friendly Dog Bakery in Manayunk. She gave us so much and we were so thankful that we got to show her what a loving home looked and felt like. We didn’t know we would end up being her forever home but we will always feel extremely grateful that we got to be that for her.”

“We can’t say enough about the team at PAWS and the extended PAWS family (including our foster sitter Auntie Yukiko!). The team was amazing through all of Honey’s health needs, especially at the end when we had to say goodbye. They went above and beyond to include us in the process and decision making and made sure that we felt comforted through everything. Honey spent her last moments surrounded by so much love and all of her favorite things. The smell of home, lots of love and attention, all the pets, some of her favorite humans and she even got to try pizza! We will always miss her and we will always make sure that all of our future pets know the story of Miss Honey. We will forever think of her as our first dog ❤️”