Finding Your Lost Pet

Losing a pet is scary, but there are many tools to help!

ACCT Philly, located at 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue, is the city’s hub for stray pets, so the best thing you can do is visit IN PERSON daily to look for your pet. Here are addional steps you can take to bring your pet home as quickly as possible.

Act Quickly

Extra Tips for Finding a Lost Cat

  • Most cats don’t go far and are found close to home. Search within a five-house radius, including garages, crawlspaces, and empty lots.
  • Alert your neighbors so they can report sightings to you.
  • Rent a trap from Catadelphia. They keep a free library of traps for this purpose! When a lost cat is scared, they may not reveal themselves to you while you’re searching. Leaving their favorite food in a trap can bring them home.
  • Check ACCT Philly in person often. Lost/found cats brought to ACCT Philly are not required by law to be on “hold” for owners to come look for them, and may be adopted, sent to a rescue group, or euthanized at any time, so it is important that you visit immediately and frequently.

Extra Tips for Finding a Lost Dog

  • Alert your neighbors so they can report sightings to you.
  • Check ACCT Philly in person at least every two days. Lost/found dogs brought to ACCT Philly may only be on “hold” for 48 hours after arriving, and then may be adopted, sent to a rescue group, or euthanized, so it is important to check frequently so you don’t miss your dog there during that short window.
  • Dogs can travel a long distance in a short time. When looking online for your pet, search listings beyond your immediate neighborhood.
  • Closely check reports, even if they list a different breed. People often describe a dog’s breed differently than you would. Don’t discount a sighting or an online posting until you visually confirm it is not your dog.

Keeping Your Pet Safe at Home

  • Do not leave your animal unattended outside. Many pets become lost because they escape from an unnoticed opening in a yard or enclosure while no one is watching.
  • Keep your dog leashed on walks.
  • Be sure your pet is always wearing an appropriate collar with an ID tag displaying your contact information. If you change your phone number, get a new tag for your pet with the updated information!
  • License your dog. Dogs wearing city licenses are much more likely to be reunited with their families. Visit to license your dog now
  • Make sure your pet is microchipped! Microchips are implanted under your pet’s skin, making them a “permanent ID” (unlike a collar, which can fall off!), and you can update your contact information on the microchip at any time. If your pet gets lost and is taken to a shelter or vet practice, they will be scanned for a microchip and you will be contacted to be reunited. If your pet isn’t microchipped, make an appointment at PAWS or your vet of choice as soon as possible.