URGENT: The city shelter is full, and we need your help to make more room for at-risk cats and dogs!

Urgent Animals

Meet the PAWS animals who are most in need of homes! Whether they have special needs or simply have been waiting longer than others, they need your help to find loving families. They are also excellent candidates for foster care if they are still in the shelter.

Every animal we adopt out creates room in our no-kill shelters to save another, so each adoption truly saves a life.

Beauty Queen*
Foster Care

I'm an affectionate dream dog who loves to snuggle and has lived with kids and other pups!
Foster Care

I have some special needs, but what really sets me apart are my sweet lap snuggles and endless capacity for love!
Foster Care

I'm a friendly senior couch potato who'd love to spend my golden years snuggling with you!
Foster Care

I'm a mellow and friendly house panther who is equally happy enjoying affection or doing my own thing!
Foster Care

I'm a sassy lovebug who is introverted with new friends, but a silly sweetheart once I get to know you!
Foster Care

I'm a gentle cuddlebug who loves napping on your chest and making biscuits to show you how happy I am!
Choco Taco*
Foster Care

I'm a sweet treat who just wants to relax, befriend everyone I meet, and be near my people where I'm happiest!
Foster Care

I'm a true social butterfly who loves to soak up affection and befriend people of all ages!